She was waiting for an excuse, but then he said this.

In every marriage, husbands are known to make excuses and many times wives are mentally prepared for that. But here in this story, the end result was completely different. The story begins with an invitation for fancy dress party for the married couple. On the party day, the wife told him that she is having headache and he should go to party all alone. Being an obedient husband he tried to persuade this wife to go with him, but to no avail. She took some medicine and slept, after some time she woke up and felt fine. She dressed up and went to the party to surprise her husband. At the party, something strange incident occurred and the wife was eager to hear her husband excuse for his shameful behaviour. What followed next shocked her completely.


So next time any individual in a marriage tries to make excuse be very careful by the end result. Share this story on all the leading websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Reddit.